About Us


Help Nelson was formed in 2005 at Invasion of Normandy. There were originally 10 members, who ranged in experience from first time players to seasoned veterans. After the team had been together for about a year, it began to pick up new members.

Shortly after, though, team captain Mike Lydon temporarily relinquished control of the team to Bob Haskins while he went to US Army Basic Training. When he returned, he brought with him a newfound knowledge of military tactics and organization, and the team picked up a newfound sense of motivation.

Over the next few months the team's membership more than doubled, bringing the total count up to 30, going into Invasion of Normandy 2007. After organizing a massive Allied paint sale and coordinating the first successful invasion of the German base in Skirmish history, Help Nelson became one of the more well-known scenario teams in the area.

Once again, Lydon has left the team on military orders, this time leaving control of the team to assistant captain Bill Ostrander.


Help Nelson, unlike many of the seasoned scenario teams, is open to new players. In fact, a large number of Help Nelson members, including several commanding members, started playing when they joined.

On the field, Help Nelson is a very aggressive team, whose main strength is to organize masses and use them to gain momentum against opposing forces. Help Nelson also believes that honor and safety are paramount, and is working to help reduce cheating and unsafe practices in scenario paintball.

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